Food and Beverage

To complete the range of “turnkey” products, AMS Ferrari has developed a business unit specialised in process technologies in the food & beverage sector.

In regards to “beverage”, in addition to traditional machines such as saturators, premix systems and pasteurisers, our production also includes a CSD syrup production room, juice preparation rooms, and rooms for the receiving and transformation of dairy products.

The height of automation is achieved through the control rooms, where the entire process is developed. Moreover, for the mineral water sector, AMS Ferrari has developed important expertise in water treatment systems, using the most sophisticated technology, from ozone through to ultra-filtration.
In collaboration with specialised companies, AMS Ferrari also offers the production of purées and juices starting directly with the fruit, vegetables and tomatoes.

Complete systems

There is often a very close synergy between the processing and packaging systems, where a connection is nonetheless required. For this reason, AMS Ferrari has developed machines to connect the processing and packaging systems of several products.

Premix systems – Saturators – Pasteurisers – Filters, Tanks, Pressing systems
The AMS technical department is available to propose custom solutions based on client requirements.